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What is the Seattle Mom Prom? Why should I go?

The Seattle Mom Prom is special night to celebrate and honor moms. A night to let loose on the dance floor, enjoy some drinks and desserts, and ultimately help raise money for perinatal support. Our goal is to celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work moms do, support a great cause and have tons of FUN! It is the ultimate ladies night out!

Is this an annual event?

Yes! This is the eleventh annual Seattle Mom Prom! It is always on the Saturday after Mother's Day.

Where is the Fremont Abbey Arts Center located?

It is located at 4272 Fremont Ave North in Seattle. You can find directions here:

Where can I park?

There is FREE street parking. The easiest spots are usually West of Fremont Avenue. You will likely have to walk a little bit. One idea is to grab dinner at one of the area restaurants who have parking lots like Vif Wine bar or Uneeda Burger. Parking is free in the American Music store lot after 6pm. All lots are within about a block or so.

What should I wear? Do I have to dress up?

There is no dress code for Prom. Attendees are encouraged to wear what’s comfortable for them. In past years ladies have worn everything from old prom/bridesmaid dresses to jeans and t-shirts.  A tiara will go with anything!

Will there be hair and make-up services available?

Yes! We will have these services available again this year - for free! Several stylists will be available on a first come first serve basis. They will start two hours before Prom and will be available for two hours during Prom.

Will corsages be available?

Unfortunately corsages will not be available this year.

Does this year’s Prom have a theme?

No. Some of the decorations will have an 80s feel, but there won't be a specific theme. The music will be a blend of classic stuff, as well as new stuff. Themes can sometimes discourage people from attending ("I want to go, but I don't have anything 80s to wear.") We don't want that!  If you feel like doing a theme, get a group together and come as a decade.  Or better yet, come dressed like you were going to your prom back in the day!

Will everyone get a tiara?

Yes! But, feel free to wear your own, if you’ve got one!

Will there be a photographer at the Seattle Mom Prom?  Should I bring my camera?

There will be a photo backdrop and a photographer, as well as fun props. Beth Shepherd from Beth Shepherd Photography will be there to capture candid shots at the event, as well.  All photos will be made available for download for free!  We will post photos on SmugMug, as well as on the Facebook page following the event.  Please consider posting your photos on the Facebook page, too!  Check-out previous years' photos

What will there be to do at the Seattle Mom Prom?

The event will have a professional DJ (Yay Vinnie!), dancing, desserts and drinks, hair and make-up primping by professionals, photos, prize drawings, a silent auction and other fun, including the Mom of the Year Award (see below). Oh, and bustin' a move with the best ladies! So. Much. Fun.

Will there be food and drinks?

A dessert/snack bar, non-alcoholic beverages and one drink ticket for wine/beer are included with each admission ticket.  Additional drink tickets will be available for $5 each.

What kinds of prizes will there be? 

We focus on items for moms, not their kids. This year we will have a few large raffle prize packs with things like childcare services, cleaning services, ready-made meals, car detailing, home organizing, teeth whitening, dance lessons, grocery delivery, salon services, spa services, candy-making classes, handbags, movie tickets, jewelry, dinners for two, yoga/fitness class and more! We will also have a bunch of fun door prizes!

Do I have to be a mom to attend?

No! Prom is a ladies only event, not a moms only event.

What is the “Mom of the Year Award”? 

The Mom of the Year is selected by random drawing. Tickets are available for purchase of Prom for $5. The Mom of the Year receives a prize pack, a trophy and applause!

Is the Seattle Mom Prom for women only? Do I need to bring a date?

This is one prom that you don’t need a date to come to. The Seattle Mom Prom is a celebration for women, so gather your girlfriends up and get ready for a good time. If you REALLY want to bring a date, bring your mom!

I have an infant; can I bring my baby with me?

Yes. Babes-in-arms are welcome. While this is an adult-only event, if you have an infant and it’s easier to have your baby with you, feel free to bring your precious one along.

Who is behind the Seattle Mom Prom?

The Seattle Mom Prom was created by a local mom who wanted to celebrate moms with all the ladies in her life while eating tasty treats and dancing her booty off all to benefit a good cause!

How many do you expect to attend?

Support for the event has been strong, we’re expecting the event to be very well attended. Tickets are likely to sell-out. Last year over 325 women attended Prom.

Where can I find out more about Seattle Mom Prom?

Like our Facebook Fan Page (Seattle Mom Prom), or follow us on Twitter: @SeattleMomProm for up-to-date event news. For more general information about Prom check-out this news story and this radio interview.

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How much are tickets?

Tickets prices will increase over time. The earlier you buy the more you save.  2020 ticket prices are as follows - Tier 1 - $25/person (25 tickets), Tier 2 - $30/person (25 tickets), Tier 3 - $35/person (25 tickets) and Full Price - $40/person (until tickets sell-out).

What is a sponsored ticket?

A sponsored ticket is a way to help another woman or women attend Prom. These tickets will be given to women who want to come to Prom, but cannot afford to buy a ticket. Sponsored tickets are not tax deductible.

Is there any way go to Prom for free?

Yes! You can volunteer. Commit to one hour of set-up or clean-up and 2 hours during the event and you get into Prom for FREE! Please click "Volunteer Info" on for more info.

What does my ticket include?

Your ticket includes entry into the event, a tiara, drinks (one glass of wine/beer and non-alcoholic options), door prize entry, cupcakes/candy/snacks, hair & make-up primping, unlimited free photos with our rad photographer including backdrop and fun props, and dancing all night to songs and videos mixed by our awesome DJ!

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can buy tickets online with a major credit card or PayPal.  Tickets will likely sell-out weeks before Prom, so there will be no tickets available at the door.

Do all Prom ticket sales go directly to Perinatal Support Washington?

All profits from the event will go to Perinatal Support Washington,

Is  the cost of my ticket tax deductible?

No.  However, monetary donations made directly to Perinatal Support Washington are tax deductible.

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Sponsorships & Donations

How can I become a sponsor? Who do I contact?

Please contact us at about sponsoring this event.

I can’t attend the event, but I’d like to make a donation. How can I do this?

To donate directly to PS-WA please visit

I’ve got something I’d like to donate for use at the event. How do I go about this?

 Please contact us at regarding donating to this event.

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Perinatal Support Washington

What is Perinatal Support Washington?

Perinatal Support Washington (formerly Postpartum Support International (PSI) of Washington) is a non-profit organization designed to support and educate women, families, and professionals about Postpartum Mood Disorders (PPMD).

What is PPMD?

PPMD stands for pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders. 10-15% of all women experience a significant mood disorder such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or rarely, psychosis, at some point during the first year after pregnancy. PPMD’s are the most common complication of a pregnancy. Fortunately, with early detection and treatment, a full recovery is expected, however, without adequate treatment, PPMD’s can last well past the baby’s first year. For more information on PPMD and where to get help, please visit or call PSI of WA’s toll-free peer support line at 1-888-404-PPMD (7763).

What services do they offer?

Their core services include a toll-free telephone support line, community referrals, support groups, and educational outreach to those in the community.

What is Perinatal Support Washington’s involvement with the Seattle Mom Prom?

All proceeds from the Seattle Mom Prom will go to PS-WA to provide services for Washington families.

How can I donate to PS-WA directly?

Visit for more information.

How can I get involved with PS-WA? Do they need volunteers?

Yes!  Please visit for more information.

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